“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.”  Victor Hugo

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At St.Peter’s C.E. Primary School, we believe that music prepares children to take part in the development of the rapidly changing world. Creative thinking encourages children to make positive changes to their quality of life. The subject encourages children to become innovative and creative thinkers and problem-solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team.

Through the study of Music, children combine practical skills with an understanding of listening and evaluating their own and others performances and compositions. This allows children to analyse and evaluate a range of musical genres and traditions and discuss its uses and its impacts. We are determined to instil in our children a sense of self-worth, coupled with the ability to communicate and express their own thoughts, feelings, and opinions clearly and effectively.

We achieve this by cultivating a love of music. In a positive and caring environment, in which music is inspirational, holistic and meaningful, our children develop co-ordination, imagination, creativity, aesthetic sensitivity, confidence and ultimately fulfilment.  Music is a powerful, unique form of communication that can change the way pupils feel, think and act. It transcends different cultures, abilities and generations. Listening to and making music fulfils an instinctive human need for self-expression and creativity. It stimulates response on both emotional and intellectual levels.

Musical activities include singing (both in class and as a whole school), exploring sounds through tuned and untuned instruments, and listening and responding to music from a variety of cultures and historical periods. All these activities involve the inter-related dimensions of music of pitch, tempo, duration, timbre, texture and structure.

Our dedication to music in school has been recognised with us being recommended for the Music Mark. 

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We offer a wide range of musical experiences, including tuition from the St Helens Music Centre.



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