Behaviour Principles


This is a statement of principles, not practice.

The purpose of this statement is to outline the principles the Governors expect to be followed in forming the school’s Relationship and Behaviour Policy. Publishing these principles is a statutory requirement for schools.

The school’s Behaviour Policy is written in line with reference to the DfE guidance documents.


  • St Peter’s is an inclusive school, where all pupils, staff and visitors are free from any form of discrimination
  • We recognise that all children, staff and visitors have the right to feel safe, valued and respected.
  • We set high expectations and want to celebrate and reward children who demonstrate this regularly and who go above and beyond it.
  • We want children to follow our school values and to show respect towards others and to take responsibility for their actions.
  • We want to ensure that all learners are able to enjoy an education free from the disruption of others
  • All staff and volunteers are expected to act as role models, demonstrating an excellent example to pupils at all times
  • We recognise that sanctions should be applied fairly, consistently, proportionally and reasonably, taking into account SEND, disability and the needs of vulnerable children, offering support as necessary
  • The behaviour policy explains that exclusions will only be used as a last resort, and outlines the processes involved in permanent and fixed-term exclusions
  • We expect pupils and parents to support our approach to ensure the smooth running of the school
  • All members of our school community should be aware of the policy in order to support its implementation These principles are reviewed on an annual basis by the governors, in line with the annual review of our Relationship and Behaviour Policy

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