At St Peter’s, we aim to foster in our pupils a love and proficiency for reading that will underpin all the learning our pupils will undertake at, and beyond, our school. The key principle for all learning across our school curriculum is that children learn to read fluently and confidently as quickly as possible, so that not only is the world of literature opened to them, but knowledge in every sphere and subject becomes accessible. We recognise that the sooner our pupils develop the skills to decode words easily, the soon they will become enthusiastic and motivated readers. The sooner they foster a joy of reading, the sooner their confidence and ability to read a wide variety of genres and text types will flourish. The sooner they are exposed to a plethora of texts from a wide range of authors, backgrounds, and contexts, the sooner their eyes will be opened to the richness of our world and will be able to think critically and act with wisdom and sagacity.  

As a staff, we have formulated 3 key aims for our reading curriculum. We believe that teaching at St Peter’s is outstanding when:  

  • Our children are reading a wide variety of different texts form a wide range of authors, nationalities, and contexts. 
  • Our children are reading, analysing, and thinking independently 
  • Our children are reading challenging and thought-provoking texts across our entire curriculum 

We read, so that we can think, so that we can experience and appreciate God’s wonderful world.  

We aim to help our pupils to:

  • Read fluently and often, with understanding, enjoyment and increasing stamina
  • Write clearly, accurately and effectively for a range of audiences and purposes
  • Develop an understanding of how language works through the study of grammar, punctuation and spelling conventions
  • Speak clearly, fluently and confidently and listen appropriately in a range of situations, including formal presentations and debates

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Subject Ambassadors

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We have two English ambassadors in school. Aoife and her collegue help Mr Badley and Mrs Bowles in the library, they keep all of our communal reading spaces around school tidy and organised, collect pupil voice information at regular intervals, and perform journalistic duties for the school reading newsletter. They are an amazing help!



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