Example Key Courage Curriculum Concepts

‘Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind.’

Concepts act as holding baskets for lots of information. If I a child understands a concept then new material relating to that concept becomes much stickier and is easier to make sense of.

Concepts provide the schema through which meaning is made and connections are formed. They reach back into the past - where have we met this idea before? And they stretch to the future as we consider how new information links to our previous understanding. Paying attention to concepts means that we are developing the intellectual architecture for meaning and for strengthening memory over time. St Peter's has a conceptual journey mapped out in subjects such as History and Geography. Pupils are able to look back from prior learning to build on the foundations in areas such as Empire in History or Place in Geography.

You can find some eaxmples in the files and images below.

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